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Dry pasta manufacturers USA

Dry pasta manufacturers USA are the first biggest exporters of Pasta and Spaghetti. There are a lot of famous American Dry pasta brands like:

  • Barilla—32.4%
  • Mueller’s—12.8%
  • Ronzoni—9.4%
  • Creamette—7.1%
  • Buitoni—6.3%
  • American Beauty—​5.9%
  • Skinner—5.4%
  • San Giorgio—4.6%

Every brand has their own fans and exports to other countries. Based on statistics, 32% of Barilla Dry Pasta productions are exporting to other countries. Also 12.2 percent Mueller’s Dry Pasta productions and 9.4 percent of Ronzoni productions and 7.1 percent of Creamette Dry Pasta Productions are exporting from USA to other countries.

dry pasta manufacturers usa

What makes dry pasta exports more than fresh pasta?

As you know, there are two main types of pasta. Dry and Fresh Pasta. The varied shapes and sizes of dry pasta make the more popular in all around the world. Also exporting and maintenance of Dry pasta is one hundred percent easier than Fresh Pasta. Most of people that are using Fresh pasta prefer to make fresh pasta themselves. You have limited time to cook and consume Fresh pasta. But You can store Dry pasta in a dark cool place for 6 months and more.

Dry pasta and fresh pasta have the same ingredients. But cooking Dry pasta and boiling them is easier than fresh pasta. Now, you can recognize that what makes dry pasta export more than fresh pasta. Also exporting and shipping dry pasta is easier that fresh pasta.

dry pasta manufacturers usa

SpaghettiOs American Canned Pasta

Dry Pasta manufacturers targets are the countries that consume more pasta spaghetti. In competition with Italy, America is not weak. Also American Dry pasta manufactures in some fields are stronger than Italy. SpaghettiOs is an American brand of canned pasta that is so popular in America especially for kids. This Canned Pasta is like soups and contains circular-shaped pasta in tomato sauce. A prepared Pasta in a can that all children love it. It is marketed to parents as less messy than spaghetti.

Most of parents have problem with their children’s foods. They do not like to eat every type of cuisines. But SpaghettiOs is good and delicious for them. More than 150 million cans of SpaghettiOs are sold each year.

dry pasta manufacturers usa

fresh pasta vs dried pasta weight

dried pasta is 1.5 times heavier that Fresh Pasta. So when you are cooking Fresh pasta, you have to cook more than dried pasta for equal persons. Dry pasta manufacturers consider about economic profits of their customers. Also most of people use dry pasta more than fresh pasta. Because it has less weight. Dry pasta manufacturing is vintage. So the numbers of dry pasta manufacturers in All countries are growing. Fresh pasta has the same production line. But they are not suitable as much as dry pasta for exports.

Boxed Dry pasta at wholesale price for exporters are the best choice. So there are a few fresh pasta importers in the world. local Pasta workshops can produce fresh pasta for their region.

dry pasta manufacturers usa

fresh or dry pasta for lasagna

Lasagna is thick type of pasta that recently added to the best pasta types. Lasagna like other types of pasta are available in fresh types and dried type. But sometimes have seen that people make a mistake in comparing fresh and dry pasta for lasagna.

Dry pasta is not old fresh Pasta. The processed Fresh Pasta is Dry Pasta. Using dry pasta for lasagna is good for people who does not have enough time to cook. But it is also delicious and good as much as fresh Lasagna. Fresh Pasta for lasagna takes more time and cooking them is easy like dried one.

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