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Spaghetti Suppliers Turkey|Biggest Spaghetti Suppliers Turkey

Spaghetti : One of the most popular foods that is high in nutritional value is Spaghetti ,  There are various types of Spaghetti , all of them have carbohydrate content. The base is also made from cereals. The energy pyramid is based on it, which indicates its high contribution to daily energy needs. While Spaghetti  is superior to many other cereal products, such as bread and rice, due to complex carbohydrates. Contrary to the misconception of the past that it was considered a fatty food, pasta is nowadays known as a health option worldwide.

Spaghetti suppliers Turkey , To take foods like pasta, you should take note of some of the tips that will be mentioned in this section , Try to use spaghetti enriched with vitamins and brown spices that contain more bran. Look carefully at the flour made from Spaghetti , Nutritionally, eating foods with a high glycemic index is not suitable for increasing glucose over a short period of time, and it increases the risk of developing and exacerbating diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and even obesity, so it is best to prevent it. Use the foods listed below with a low glycemic index in the diet.

Spaghetti Suppliers Turkey|Biggest Spaghetti Suppliers Turkey

Turkish Spaghetti Suppliers and Manufacturers

Turkish Spaghetti Suppliers and Manufacturers Turkish spaghetti products , Some countries in the world can produce pasta at their own expense, while Turkey exports to 154 countries and our products have the highest production quality.

About 49% of the agricultural land in Turkey is dedicated to wheat cultivation, taking into account this amount per person annually, 214 kg of wheat consumption is considered. African countries are among the macaroni countries, 68% of Turkey’s products are exported to these countries. Japan, Iraq and Venezuela are also seen in the next round of exports.

A total of 24 producers in this area are active in Turkey, and export statistics indicate that they are growing. While this figure reached 831 thousand tons in 2016, last year it grew to 1.5 million tons. It looks like this year’s growth will grow to a level of 1 million and 200 thousand tons.

Spaghetti Trades in Turkey

Spaghetti Trades in TurkeySpaghetti in Turkey: As fresh fruit, olive oil and fresh vegetables play an important role in the Mediterranean diet as well as in Turkey, fresh vegetables with grilled meat constitute the main part of Turkish cuisine. Traditional Turkish dishes are a variety of kebabs, dumplings and ashs, most of which are cooked with high-fat yogurt.

Spaghetti  is one of the popular foods of Turkey, with 852,000 tons of pasta consumed annually in Turkey. The first pasta factory in the city of Izmir began operations in 1922. Today, a large amount of Turkish pasta is produced in Anatolia (the center for the production of mulled wine).

Spaghetti is one of the most popular foods in the whole world, and even among the people of Turkey. As it was said, Turkey, besides supplying spaghetti to its requirements, is exporting this product to about 150 other countries.

Turkey Spaghetti Manufacturers in Global Market

Turkey Spaghetti Manufacturers in Global MarketTurkey has been a spaghetti producer and exporter in recent years, and spaghetti produced in the country last year was over 1 million and 200 thousand tons, the largest in Anatolia region.

Spaghetti produced today in Turkey has found a lot of customers and fans among other people. For this reason, Turkish manufacturers are trying to increase their products both in terms of quality and quantity in order to take a larger share of the global market. Due to the big market, as well as the intense competition between manufacturing companies, it has led to a large variety in both market and quality.

The most important of these is enriching pasta flour with minerals and vitamins.

Best Pasta Productions in Turkey

Best Pasta Productions in TurkeyTurkey is the second largest pasta exporter after Italy. turkish suppliers,  Achieving to increase the pasta export significantly every year, Turkey realized 247 thousand tons of pasta export in 2011 and increased this export amount to 436 thousand tons in 2012 according to the data of World Trade Atlas.

The foundations of the pasta industry that is one of the leading sectors of Turkish food industry, were laid in first period of the Republic in Turkey. The industrialization of production of pasta, which was consumed only as homemade “noodle” previously, took place back in 1922. While pasta was continued to be produced in small facilities until 1950s, large plants were only began to be established in these years. After 1960s, the number of pasta plants in Turkey and production capacity tripled. In 1970s, the small facilities left their places to large capacity plants using advanced technologies.

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